FIN 366: Investments

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Chapter 1 : Investments Background and Issues

Chapter 2: Asset Classes and Financial Instruments


    Presentation Slides

    Critical Thinking Questions

    Excel File: T-Bond Quotes

    Excel File: Muni Bonds and Equiv. Tax Yield

    Excel File: Stock Market Indexes

    Excel File: Option Payoffs

Chapter 3: Securities Markets


    Presentation Slides

    Critical Thinking Questions

    Excel File: Buying on Margin

    Excel File: Short Sales

Chapter 4: Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies

Chapter 5: Risk, Return, and the Historical Record


    Presentation Slides

    Critical Thinking Questions

    Excel File: Multiperiod Returns

    Excel File: Annualizing Returns

    Excel File: Scenario Analysis

    Excel File: Historical Returns

    Excel File: Capital Allocation

    Excel File: Capital Allocation Line

Chapter 6: Efficient Diversification


    Presentation Slides

    Excel File: Covariance and Correlation

    Excel File: Investment Opportunity Set

    Excel File: Optimal Risky Portfolio

    Excel File: Constructing the Complete Portfolio

    Excel File: The Index Model